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to summer formulas. this period newscast has been associated with higher prices. whatever the reason drivers do notice and in cases shape their habits to hit what they can afford. >> when you're trying to fill up a van like thrk it costs a lot. i can only bo $30 at a time. it's expensive. >> analysts say don't expect relief soon, prices expected to continue inching up for;s ç e feature. and if you'd like more information i can go to our web site. >> laura, thank you very much. let's take a look now at what we're paying for a gallon of gas. in san francisco, compare that to average of $3.53. wyoming paying less than $3 a
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gallon, just 2.94s oodz cheryl made worse because sitting in traffic you're burning gasoline. there is -- according to the transportation institute ranking traffic congestion across the country. we are live in san francisco with more. heather we've known we wait a long time in traffic. >> that is right. dan. now, it's confirmed thank goodness. we're on the street overpass over the extension. that isn't so bad right now but i know that this could be really bad coming into the morning and it gets worse as the evening goes on heading out of the day. texas a&m says by 2020 commuters will spend another seven hours in traffic and
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waste six more gallons ofs gas unless a change is made. texas a&m confirms commutes are riz miz rabl its a lot of time wasted oo. after washington, d.c., the bay area is tied with l.a. for worst commute in the nation with 61 hours spent behind the wheel last year. costing bay area commuters 1200s ndz time, and gas. >> there is another way to take a look ate is that a congested reason is a working region. >> the commission says the top area have something else in common. they all weathered recession relatively well. >> now is the job picture continues to rebound, we look for the bay area to remain in the top five. >> we worried if it had grown
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faster, numbers are hard to come but but there are indicators. >> traffic is horrible on the peninsula these days and i see a lot of people wanting to be in the city versus traditionally in silicon valley. >> cal train says it's seen a steady increase in ridership. there are now more riders in its history and realtors say they see a trend, tech workers choose choosing san francisco. over the selling point. >> noe valley because it's towards southern part of the city and easier commute to get on to the freeways but you can see buttses on union street waiting to pick people up. >> the transportation commission here says we're never going to defeat
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congestion but we can manage witness good planning and right projects well. don't have, perhaps ideal deal but a reasonable speed on the roads. police ride id fid and released photos of a 13-year-old found murdered in fairfield. january yell conway allen found friday morning. they released this surveillance photo from when she was last seen thursday afternoon. investigators from fairfield çc.pkq been working on the case nonstop since conway-allen's body was found. they're asking anyone who may have seen this girl just before she disappeared to please, call fairfield police. >> a pittsburgh man is under arrest in a hit and run accident that sent two children and a woman to the hospital. a 24-year-old sk held on bail and investigators say delgado
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hit a 1-year-old boy in a stroller a 7-year-old girl on a bicycle and a 29-year-old woman about 5:45 last night. the victims crossing at the regional trail all three are out of the hospital, fortunately, today. >> fire investigators looking for the cause of a fire that damaged a residential building in south san francisco south of market area. a viewer sent thus picture of firefighters rescuing one of the residents from the upper are floor. the blaze appeared to have been started at a bedroom at one of the units. nobody was injured in that fire. >> there was injuries in this story. coming up how a high school game of tug-of-war tore off fingers. >> and the 49ers clean out lockers what some players plan
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to do in the off season. >> i'm sandhya patel. the sun behind me, it's just deceiving and cold out here, wait until you see what is coming up. you'll need umbrellas more than one day, coming up. >> tech world equivalent of the peace corps helping web professionals and city governments hook up in a win-win partnership. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5 all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime--
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that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful the super bowl is ay#lv memory. the season is over for niners it means it's time to clean out the locker room. they met with coaches and took
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moments to sign autograph was one another. players say they are ready to start training. >> we go to get right here again. >> you know you've got to wrestle with this. it's been a long season. almost 30 weeks fr us. first thing's first. silt doc3([ñ a little bit, rest, do vacation time. in the end we've got to get ready for another long season. >> take days off. you know? get our bodies back and relax. heal injuries. and pick back up where we left off. >> nfl draft april 25th niners will have the 31 pick in that draft. >> official was the super dome are high hiring an outside firm to investigate that weird power outage. the 34 minute delay during the third quarter put a black eye on the stadium hosting the biggest sporting event in america. the nfl says the power wafered
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during rehearse yalz for the half time show but not during performance. stadium management was concerned about power lines feeding the dome in the fall and emergency replacement was completed just weeks before the game. there was still a blackout. >> two southern california teenagers lost fingers during a school spirit tell celebration taking part in a game of tug-of-war. each had a hand in the rope. it snapped. the boy lost four fingers the girl, four fingers and a thumb. they were rushed to the hospital and underwent reattachment surgery. doctors have not said wlaitz successful. hundreds looking on so shocked so see the game take an awful turn. >> everybody started freaking out. my friend's fingers gone. everybody was just shocked and crying. they took him straight to the hospital. >> well, police say those injuries were accidental and
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there is not going to be criminal investigation. >> how awful. >> authorities investigating a thoft theft of $50,000 worth of copper piping. authorities believe someone familiar is responsible because it appears they used a key to get inside of the locked gate. abc 7 news did a profile on the youth program there in 2006. hope we can makeup for that, right? >> city government isn't always efficient with, he know that. one organization is helping them catch up with technology and make things easier for folk who's live in the communities. >> yes. the program is code for america only around three years yet doing a great job at bridging digital divide between pry at this time vit and public sectors.
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>> i want to you look at this, this is the future of government. >> these are oakland's newest geeks. three young tech yeez will be simplify things at city hall. they work for an organization called code for america. >> in our case they're going help us make sure our software is quicker, faster so we're more efficient as a government. >> if you've tried to access >> someone wants information about what happened in occupy oakland. >> the code for fellows will be working on putting the system in place to track records and release them, they'll create a system making bid prog ses between the city and contractors easier and faster with more transparency.
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oakland will benefit from vag these fellows. there are 26 men and women working only a year. this organization relies on grants that is why they're only paid $35,000. chris worked as a design manager at cisco making a lot more money. >> a bit more than i am now. >> many companies value people who have done community service. so working for so called peace corps for geeks can only help. >> it was my chance to be in oakland. they're not working inside city hall heerk it was my chance to give back to the city that i love. >> and there are two other bay area cities that are involved in this program. cheryl? >> thank you so much. did you know that it is safer internet day? security experts say that now is the time to take a second look at our internet pass words.
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identity theft tops the list of consumer complaints. cyber criminals going after our personal and financial information. the best way to stop them have different pass words for different sites make them hard to guess. >> think of a phrase. >> first letter of words combine that, add characters now you've got something almost impossible to get and personalized to use maybe easier to remember. >> google has set up a web page to teach how to stay secure online. you can find a link on abc 7 >> a university is moving forward with plans. the draper university of heroes to open on third avenue. tim draper is starting the school to train entrepreneurs. the deal was reached after draper agreed to fund a new
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agency. the school plans to open in april. >> a new fleet of electronic delivery trucks unveiled is helping the california environment and the state economy.e+$e÷ waits built after contracted in mexico. dr. brown says that will reflect the fleet that will have on the government that is critical. >> climate change is not waiting. pollution doesn't wait. so... we can't wait, either. california took the lead 35 years ago. it's been added every year ago. pushing the envelope and energy efficiency. now electric cars. >> about 50 vehicles are on the road with all 100 trucks soon to be operating in california. >> you know we've heard plenty about conartists tricking victims into wiring cash but this conis he is skate skal yaiting now to a scary level.
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>> the common actually threatened to kill the victim? >> we don't hear them like this, this is frightening. and a warning to everyone. hang up on anyone promising quick riches. this woman from louisiana was scared for her life. and she received a call saying she'd won a sweeps stakes. the man said she'd had to wire money. the man kept calling back. more than 40 times in all. she didn't pick up he left threatening voice mail. >> i'm still spooked. not every day someone threatens your life. >> she was smart calling the cops. cops say the conman is in jamaica. that is where he s he's using
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876 area code code f someone calls hang up, don't give out personal information.=ñ those car buyers look at the sticker price, however, it's important to consider how much that car is going to cost you to operate. kelly blue book came up with a list, the cost of insurance, maintenance and repairs winners kelly gives best rating to 2013 line up of lexus vehicles. for main stream cars kelly says the mazdas will be economical to own, hyundai received best rating among compact cars. i posted a list to the full link at abc 7
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check it out. there is another sign today that the housing market is making a huge come back. prices up 8.3 in december. that is the biggest increase since 2006 when the housing market was about but not ready, about to collapse. prices in san francisco and san mateo rose more up by 15.2%. and analysts gave credit to low interest rates and a tighter supply of homes. growth more impressive because real estate sales are usually sluggish in december. ab analysts predicting prices will rise another 6% this year. >> yes. >> thank you. >> if one of your new year's resolution twooz take a break from facebook you're not alone. a new study found mer than 06% of adult facebook users have taken a vacation from the site nearly 30% saying they plan to spend lessd#s;l time on knit 20.
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reason givesen 21% say too busy. 10% cite lack of tr. 9% say say turned off by gossip or drama. still, study found two thirds after dults online are facebook users. >> wow. >> sandhya patel out on the roof again. >> this is deceptive, you said sunny but cool. >> yes. you're cozy, i'm freezing up here. it's 52 degrees, wind blowing bad hair day, by the y)u way. and winds gusting coming off cool waters now out of the west northwest. 16-17 miles per hour making it feel cold. a live picture now from san jose. clouds still lingering. high temperatures to 55 degrees.
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check out live doppler 7. our radar with national weather service radar will be tracking a storm soon. now we just have some morning, temperatures into 50s and it's breezy, clear, chilly overnight. showers expected thursday and friday. so outdoor plans looking good. there is a cold front coming towards bay area but it's a dry cold front not going produce anything in the bay a stronger system is on the way. it's going to bring us some showers beginning thursday s0íere is our animation at 5:00 a.m. cold sfront approaching. showers spreading. into 59 a.m. planning doesn't look good on this system.
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we'll see scattered showers into afternoon. and there is potential for snow. mount hamilton, you can see the pink there. early friday morning snow levels will be coming down to about 2500 feet just to give cold this system is going to be. friday, showers and rainfall totals a quarter to half an inch. inland areas 5/100ths hpgts through 9:00 a.m. friday wex need moisture here and need snow in the heera nevada. travel is looking fine. mostly sunny skies. a chance of snow thursday thursday. and friday sit going to get gusty. carry chain pz you're heading up there. tomorrow morning it's going to get cold. 36 in nappa. down to 38 in
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concord. low 50s around san jose ask oakland. tomorrow afternoon mid-50s low 60s. sunny day. 56 in san francisco. highs seasonal, mid-50s to low 60s here is the accu-weather forecast. it's gooding to be a dry day. take advantage of icht showers coming thursday. a chance heading into friday morning then goitsing to be sunny, milder for weekend. with milder pattern into monday and tuesday. g ready for winter's mu. cheryl, dan. >> thank you. >> still to come, chris brown in trouble with the law, why he was supposedly leaving when he was scheduled to do
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community service. >> fighting crime 140 characters at a time. how agencies world wide are turning to social media to keep the streets safe. that is at 6:00. we'll
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chris brown faces accusations he violated terms of his probation. the district attorney claims brown falsified his community service records in one case claimed he was picking up trash in virginia he was on a private jet to cancun. officers asked the court to reject service brown reportedly completed in virginia. he was required to perform 180 days in connection with his 2009 assault of his then girlfriend rihanna. >> type of mixer people use for cocktails could determine how drunk they'll get. a study finds drinks made with alcohol and diet soda leave a
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researchers found sugar in regular soda slows down rate of alcohol consumption. that is a significant increase. >> interesting. >> wow. >> coming up snack a former 49er great gave to fans today. >> yes. to help soothe their
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coming up at 6:001ob' a controversial earthquake retro fit plan that will cost thousands of homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. medical marijuana is legal in california so can your town outlaw pot clubs? who is now getting into the debate. >> thank you carolyn.
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see you twhen. >> we know super bowl loss was a tough thing to swallow for many fan autos but today may have been just a little easier to swallow thanks to old friends. >> there we go. >> handing out jello pudding today in russian hill. >> one of many spots today where jello dished out the treat fans may go to disneyland or world but in san francisco we get jello pudding snacks. not too bad. >> yes. >> world news is next. this is "world news." tonight, bold rescue. the gun fight that ended the hostage crisis. saving that 5-year-old boy held in the bunker. new details on the secret commando operation and how they got in the door. lethal power. the documents hitting the headlines.
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how the administration justifies killing terror suspects, even if they are american. real answers. when you're fighting against colds and flu, which hand sanitizers really work best? and are they better than soap? dr. richard besser with the test and the answers. and talk about lucky. meet the couple who won $1 million lottery ticket and then, on the way home, bet and won again. good evening. as we come on the air, new details are streaming in about the daring secret operation that freed a little boy, locked in a bunker for seven long days. how did they free him? well, tonight, we are hearing reports of a gun fight, as they moved in to save a child. abc's gio benitez following it all for us.

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